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Nostale Bot V 1 2 Exe vinrei




and if you want, press Start and see the result. 4. You must have Tidalis installed on your computer ( 5. If you have a dual monitor setup, choose second monitor as source 6. After pressing Start, the bot will detect the key you used to start your game 7. If key pressed is A, bot will start minigame (teambots, etc) 8. If key pressed is W, bot will start the battle (enemy) 9. If key pressed is S, bot will start Siege (superbot) 10. If key pressed is E, bot will stop sieging (and start it again in a 5 minutes) 11. If key pressed is I, bot will start intel (computers on every block on the map) 12. If key pressed is O, bot will start the global chat (everytime chat is open, bot will make global chat entry) 13. If key pressed is M, bot will start music 14. If key pressed is J, bot will start the 'Pistola' (pistol minigame) 15. If key pressed is R, bot will start Kites, and will try to find survivors of this battle to give points 15. If key pressed is D, bot will start the subway (ground combat minigame) 16. If key pressed is F, bot will start the Pirate war, and will try to find survivors to give points 16. If key pressed is L, bot will start the bomb 17. If key pressed is V, bot will start the Vampire (minigame from Dark Souls) 17. If key pressed is N, bot will start NosTale, and the game will start 18. If key pressed is P, bot will start the Pr0ft trophy, and will try to collect as many as possible trophies as fast as possible 18. If key pressed is Z, bot will stop all the minigames. When you want to start again, press A, after that, you will be able to start minigame with key pressed pressed "B" 19. When you want to stop, press Alt+ Z, and after that, press "A" (you must have your game minimized, and you must have opened "NosTale" window). 20. A few days ago, I updated my script, and for most people, it will be a bug free update. So, download it and use it as a basis



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Nostale Bot V 1 2 Exe vinrei

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